Mental Health: Anger Management


Tested and Proven Anger Management Techniques

Anger is an emotion as fundamental as our very humanity. Anger forms a vital ingredient of the soup of emotions that keeps us mentally balanced. Trying not to get angry at all is almost as hard as ostracizing Donald Trump from Twitter! We are humans, and we have emotionally irritability. We will respond to situations around us emotionally, sometimes involuntarily!

While we are very much allowed to get angry, what we should watch against is impeaching” our brains in a fit of anger, sacking our sense of reasoning. Truth is it is very easy veering off rationality when anger is at the steering wheel. Therefore we must try as much as possible not to allow anger drive us. Yet sailing through a storm of temper to the right decision is not easy. How then do we control our anger?

Keeping your emotional calibration checked in a fit of anger is not easy at all. People easily get too high when upset. At such points, they are very vulnerable to making wrong decisions. One major way to manage your anger is ensuring YOU ARE STILL THINKING when angry.

Keep your brains in their office and let them work. Try to be as much logical and objective as possible. This is not easy however, in a tempest most of us secede from our heads, seizing authority of ourselves carelessly and operating outside the jurisdiction of reason. This is common but not right. NEVER MAKE A DECISION WHEN ANGRY. It is mostly likely to be emotionally distorted and bent to subjective bias.

Another secret to managing your anger is giving yourself some refreshing time out. Surviving in our modern day civilization demands a lot of mental calories, almost exasperating. Wonder why you get very flammable and flare up easily when stressed? Because you are at a psychological cliff, and any tip could send you tumbling off courteousness. This is why you should give yourself a deliberate break sometimes to recharge the batteries in your head for the drive ahead. Nothing is more nutritious to your psyche as quiet time.

You momentarily log off reality for a while and pull on the valves to your inner self. Wash your mind with gushes of positivism coming back refreshed and sparkling! This could even extend to relieving yourself with some good exercises. Work your body and your mind. All these will help to wind down your emotional temperature so you are not always red hot, this will prepare you for those unanticipated outbursts.

The last way we will be considering in managing your anger is avoiding places, actions and even people that could most likely invoke temper in us. While it is said that “if Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohammed”. In most cases, the mountain doesn’t have the mobility to go to an “abstinent” Mohammed.

Trouble is most times retrospective hence if you avoid trouble, trouble will likely avoid you. Maintain a berth from situations that trigger that violent spark in you which could incinerates reason. Maintain minimal contact with people whose high-voltage communication will blow your fuse. This doesn’t really mean cowardice, or you are jittery with confrontations. It rather connotes preemptive bravery and a proactive consciousness to avoid predictable disaster.

In all we see that anger management forms a crux of human communication. A spoonful of anger is not too bad but overflowing cups of anger will surely get your drunk. With this guide, we hope we have upgraded your mental OS (operating system) so you are now more compatible with managing yourself in the fiercest anger outbursts.



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