Health’s Units of Measurement


Measuring Health With the 6 Dimensions

To understand the six criteria for judging an individual’s health, one must understand the meaning of health and the context behind this particular word. The most popular definition of the word “health” is “the condition of being sound in mind, body and spirit free from physical disease and pain allowing us to be as most productive as we can be for ourselves, our families, and society at large.” The definition basically explains that the state of a healthy individual is to be sound in mind, spirit, and body. Also, the person is not struggling with the burdens of physical diseases and pain. Therefore, a healthy person can be productively active for themselves, their family, and society.

There is a total of six dimensions which are used as criteria to calculate the functioning health of an individual. The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) began to desire principle components of measuring the performance of an individual person in regards to their health in 1948.  As a result of this, the first three dimensions used to calculate health were established. The three dimensions are called intellectual / mental, social, and physical. The environmental / occupational, emotional, and spiritual dimensions were added to the developing list of criteria later.

The intellectual / mental dimension refers to the measurement of an individual’s degree of engagement when the individual is involved in stimulating and creative mental activities. People in good intellectual health will implement their available resources to improve upon their skill levels and knowledge. Individuals who are intellectually healthy typically prove to have better work performance, an above average knowledge base, better problem solving skills, and a greater possibility of being successful in life.

The dimension of socialism refers to the measurement of an individual’s capability to interact with other people. Socially healthy people can have strong communication skills and know how to positively interact with a variety of personality types. The social dimension puts a strong importance on the symbiotic connection between the self of an individual, others, and nature. The dimension of socialism also highly encourages the individual to offer aid to their community and environment.

The physical dimension is a way to determine measurement of the body’s ability to perform correctly. A physically healthy person exercises and eats a balanced diet regularly. In terms of personally increasing physical health, individuals need to educate themselves in terms of proper nutrition and exercise. During the development of physical health the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco are highly discouraged. Abusing these things stunt an individual’s growth in terms of the dimension of physicality.

The dimension of occupational / environmental health is measured by an individual’s level of content as well as the level of immersion in their common surroundings. An example of a common surrounding is work. An individual that expresses a positive attitude towards works, has a good sense of goals as well as direction, and feels accomplished is healthy in the aspect of their occupational/ environmental health. Other common surroundings of an individual are school and the premises of their home environment.

The health dimension of emotion measures the capabilities of an individual to adjust, adapt, and cope. This dimension acknowledges the acceptance and awareness of an individual’s feelings. An emotionally healthy person has a positive outlook about their self as well as their lives. Emotionally healthy people are also equipped to effectively deal with stress, grow in terms off self-sufficiency, create a realistic evaluation of the individual’s limits as well as boundaries, and manage the individual’s feelings along with their accompanying actions. The dimension of spirituality is a measure of an individual’s ability to seek purpose and meaning in human existence. This dimension refers to the belief that there is a nonhuman dynamic or force. This nonhuman entity is believed by a majority of people to be a superior being. An example of this is God who derives from the Christian faith. To develop spiritually, the individual must gain an in-depth appreciation towards life and its natural forces. They must also understand the magnitude of life’s depth as well as its vastness. The main attribute of a spiritual search is a peaceful balance between the hardships faced along the individual’s path of life and their internal personal feelings.


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