Engineers- There’s A New Way to Use Your Talents



The field of engineering has a big problem.

Many of the world’s brightest minds spend forever in school learning the small details and the big concepts in their respective specialties, slowly developing experience and expertise over the course of years- only to then leave school and use that talent for only a couple projects or companies, if not only one. Essentially, this great talent is locked up within the confines of small labs, used only for the companies they work for.

Edify Lab is seeking to change that. By enabling experts to both provide their own time *and* be compensated for it, Edify opens up an individual’s talents far beyond their immediate network.

Talent-hoarding should be seen as a massive underutilization of the body of talent within the world of engineering. This is especially true in some advanced and specialized work in particular, where maybe a couple thousand people in the whole world have the necessary qualifications to tackle an issue. So far, there hasn’t been a great way for these kinds of experts to engage in open discussion in a way that truly gives value to that time. Despite our ever-present internet connection, there still has yet to exist a kind of technology that can support a network like this.

But video conferencing is here, it’s more powerful than ever, and it’s a simple and effective way to link people all across the world. There are some major benefits to problem-solving with video, rather than just an email or a phone call. For engineers, much of the work is visual- dealing with diagrams, equations, blueprints, models. What better way to explain a process than to draw a diagram while a Client watches on?

And because we at Edify believe one’s time is valuable; we enable engineering experts to charge a rate of their choosing for the time they take out of their day to advise their Clients. This allows experts to engage with one another while feeling like they’re making good use of their time. It also allows early career professionals to seek advice from the advanced, without wasting time on decade-old internet forums and inaccurate searches.

Imagine this: you’re working through a bug in an app prototype and you’ve tried everything, and you need help but don’t personally know anyone you can reach out to. Luckily for you, there’s a man named Sergey Darkish, a computer science master sitting at his home office in Dnipro, Ukraine, and Edify Lab can bring the two of you face to face in a matter of minutes.

It really is that easy.

As of the time of this writing Edify Lab has over 150 Engineering Advisors on board, in specialties that vary from chemical engineering to nanotechnology, environmental engineering to mobile software design. As a Client, you can reach out for advice to any of them from the comfort of your own home. As an Advisor, your talents can finally reach the audience you’ve always hoped.


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