Tips for Digital Nomads


In the simplest of terms, a “digital nomad” is just someone who takes advantage of technology to work remotely. In some cases, a digital nomad can just be someone who works out of their home instead of going into a company office every day. More often, though, we think of digital nomads as people who embody the nomadic lifestyle, moving their worksite from site to site, city to city, and country to country from one day to the next.

In many ways, digital nomads have it made. Provided they have an internet connection and a computer, digital nomads, can work anywhere—be it a café in Paris, a hotel in Tokyo, or a library in Rome. However, if you are a digital nomad, you probably know that the privileges of the lifestyle aren’t without their drawbacks. Productivity can be tough when you set your own schedule and change your scenery every day. Here are a few tips to help you get more work done without changing your wandering ways.

  • Find a comfortable space to work: As a digital nomad, you’re supposed to be able to work anywhere, right? Sure, but not really. While you can take your work anywhere, that doesn’t necessarily mean you can do your job Finding a comfortable spot to work is essential: somewhere safe, cool, and quiet, with proper seating and easy access to food, water, and bathrooms. In some cities, you’ll have favorite spots before you get there. In new areas, you’ll want to research suitable places to work or reach out to some of your fellow digital nomads for tips.


  • Figure out when you do your best work: Everyone has their productivity peaks and troughs throughout the day. Many people do their best work in the morning and slowly become less productive in the afternoon, while others are born-and-bred night owls. In a traditional work environment, you don’t have much choice around your work As a digital nomad, you can work whenever you want. Experiment with your schedule to find your productivity peaks, then focus your production on them.


  • Remember time zone changes: The first thing you should do when you get to a new city or country is sit down and figure out all the relevant time zone changes. Just because you’re on different time now that you are in a new place doesn’t mean your deadlines followed suit. You need to know how your deadlines fall in your new time zone so that you can figure out the best ways to get your work done on time.


  • Provide for time to explore: Even for globetrotting remote workers, work-life balance is necessary. The big appeal of being a digital nomad is that you get to see many distinct parts of the world, so leave yourself time in your schedule to explore your surroundings. Leave the weekends open for some local wandering, or plan your sightseeing around the parts of the day that don’t tend to see your best productivity. Not only will this strategy keep you fresh for your workday, but it will also help you discover new spots to work.

As a digital nomad, you have incredible flexibility to make a living while also seeing the world. If you can keep your productivity levels up, there’s no reason for this lifestyle to become stale. Use the tips above to stay on top of things and get the most out of your nomadic lifestyle.


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