The essentials to watch out for when recruiting


In modern day business, the violent waves of competition easily drown companies. As much as there is just one captain in a ship, this captain needs a capable crew. This places emphasis on how important team play is. It is not however about the number of hands on the desk, it is more importantly about the quality of hands on the desk. Therefore we clearly see the need to diligently weave the nets which a company dips into the labor market to fish out the talents it brings on board. The recruitment process is as critical as blood transfusion for the company, hence there is no room for mismatch.   In light of this, what should you be looking out for when recruiting to get the right match?

As much as every company needs enough intellectual accessories (humans) to compete, nothing is more laborious in business as stuffing a round peg into a square hole. You must get the perfect fit at the end of the day!  One of such ways in the recruitment exercise is looking out for the team player. This is one of the most important features in modern day collaborative work atmosphere. People fit in as cognitive spare parts into one complex mechanism which pulls an organization forward. Great companies are assemblies of great people.

Thus when recruiting, watch out for how socially fluid your employee is. How well he flows with people. In as much as every tech company needs that tech nerd who dreams of rocking computers in the dance floor, there is the necessary need for him to be communicative at least. If not his head is a dungeon of ideas, with a heck of invention arrested inside- inaccessible therefore an embarrassing waste!!

Aside this team player thing, the person coming on board be competent primarily. They must be nutritious enough (skillfully) for the company to feed from. It is dangerous to make professional patches and bring in office-fillers to stuff up your company. It is a workforce remember, the force coming after work represents an army of brains, fiery heads that torch your rivals and peg flags of your brand in your customers’ hearts. But they must be competent fundamentally.

They must have some gems in their head that can fashionably adorn the company in the eyes of your clients.

Also while recruiting, try as much as possible to peep at the plan-book of your prospective employee, do you they have you in their tomorrow? Consistency is vital in business and having a “transient” workforce is cancerous to the long term goals of a business. Don’t plan for the future with those who are occupationally promiscuous jumping from one job to another. You can look at how long they have spent on their previous jobs before moving on and also why they moved on. This will help you identify the professional nomads grazing from one organization to another for the perfectly green grass.

All these would go a detailed length in helping an organization bring in the most befitting talents. Thereby allowing the organization to fortify its workforce by embracing in people with the right intellectual armory, the matching ideas, and the team culture. After all, it is these drops of ideas that collect together to form the talent pool which feeds the company.


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