3 Reasons Why Personal Trainers Need to Go Digital


In most markets around the world, there is a lot of space for fitness professionals to grow and expand their business. For example, just last year, the Brazilian market climbed to fourth position in the list of countries with the most gym members (8 million). It also made 2.4 billion dollars in revenue from the fitness industry.

The global market for fitness trainers has been quite fertile in the last few years, especially for small and medium enterprises, as they are usually the ones striving for innovation. Apart from enterprises and gyms, personal trainers should really take this opportunity to grow their own businesses and make a name for themselves.

While it seems like there is space for everyone in the fitness industry, how can a personal trainer really stand out in the crowd? What can be the best way to get an edge over the competition that is already a well-established brand in the market? Here are three reasons it is absolutely necessary for you to go digital, and how you could capitalize on the opportunities.


#1 Market Demand

Because the world is so used to being connected, personal trainers have found it absolutely necessary to go digital. Having an online presence doesn’t even mean you’re different anymore; it’s an obligation for anyone with a business to have some kind of presence on the internet. Everyone now has a smartphone, and most have a tablet and notebook too. With the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, people have gotten used to enjoy communication that is in real time, is quick, and offers a wide array of options.

Fortunately for our generation, the online sphere has expanded beyond horizons that no one could have ever thought of reaching in the first place. This expansion has brought with itself, technological options that allow you to expand the flexibility of services, no matter what they are. Personal training services for example, can now be offered through mobile fitness apps, live coaching sessions, and videos.

#2 Mobile is Essential

Nowadays, everyone wants to be able to do everything quickly, with minimal effort. Enter: the smartphone. A large number of our daily activities and tasks can be easily done with the help of a few apps on our smartphones. In fact, we have become so used to smartphones and the apps that we have readily available on them, that we can’t imagine a world without them anymore.

Several studies show that the largest increase in media usage in the last couple of years came from smartphones. This only goes on to show that people today want services in their pockets; services that don’t just connect them, but also provide easy user experience. While this may seem a little demanding for an individual trying to run a business, it really isn’t. Going mobile nowadays is much easier than ever; even easier than being physically present.

When a personal trainer is online, it means he is connected to his clients all the time. Of course, this can be much better and more useful than anything else. Not only do the clients enjoy the connection, it makes the workout more flexible, the service more efficient, and benefits the professional in many ways too.

A number of personal trainers complain about not having enough time to cater to all their clients. However, with a smartphone and an Internet connection, distance is no more a problem, but a solution.

#3 Digital Is A Lot More Fun

Clients love the thought of being connected to their personal trainer; this helps them exercise wherever they are and get advice on whatever workout, whenever they want. As a fitness professional, if you use this as an opportunity to provide convenience to your clients, it could help you get an edge over your competition.

Being online also gives professionals the opportunity to provide clients with real-time feedback. Regardless of your location and your client’s, you can easily keep a track of their workout, their meal plans, and how they’re coping with the workout. This is a form of direct communication that will not only give a boost to your service level, it will also help you make a drastic change to your clients’ lifestyle.


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